Event notification

A notification informs the user of the creation or modification of a task and/or an unavailability concerning the schedule. Notifications are defined by the user and the latter will be warned, whenever there is a modification, by a red ‘sticker’ and by a list.

Configuring notifications by user

To activate this option, go to the menu Tools -> Options ->Event and tick "Activate notifications". Then in the menu Data, option "Notifications" appears.

Each user has the ability to configure his/her own notifications. Users may choose the type of notification they wish, and adding and/or modifying events.

Configuring notifications by user

For example, a manager may wish to be informed when a new case of unavailability is added to the schedule.

Visualising notifications

Red sticker:  When a user logs into the system, the red stickers indicate events (tasks or lack of availability) which have been created or modified in the scheduling of the resource.

List of notifications: You may also obtain a list of all the notifications from the menu Data -> Notifications.

PlanningPME Mobile: If your on-line planning system is connected using PlanningPME Mobile licences, users will receive notifications on their mobile phones.

Deleting notifications

To delete a notification you simply need to open the task or the unavailability concerned by the notification.