Clients Management

PlanningPME enables managing your meetings and on-site activities on clients’ premises. The number of clients is limitless.

Why use the “client” function?

This function needs to be activated if you need to assign a client each time you create a new task and you wish to see the name of the client with whom you are working displayed on the screen.

How to activate the "Clients” function in PlanningPME Web Access

First activate the option in the menu Parameters -> Options -> Data and select "Activate customers".
You now have a "Client" menu under "Data".
Menu clients

Adding, modifying and deleting clients

Add, modify or delete a client

To create a new client, click on "Add". Here you can enter all the information contained in the client record: Company name, contact person, physical address, e-mail address, etc.

To delete a client, select the name in the list, tick the box and click on "Delete". To modify a client, click directly on the client name in the list and modify the content

Detailed client record

Associating a client with a task/Assigning a client to a task

When creating a task, you may select the client directly in the drop-down list in the "quick creation" window or from the full window. 
Assign a client to a task

You may view the client in the task description if you have selected the appropriate field in the menu Data -> Task description -> Label

View a client record

Creating, viewing or modifying a client record in the working window

When creating a task from the main window, you may create a client by clicking directly on the icon: Icon creation
Create a client
The details in the client record will be displayed and you may create your new client by clicking on "Add". 
Creation of a new client
Your new client is now created and visible in the task window:
View a client record
Once the client is selected, this icon enables having direct access to the client information without having to go through the menu Data -> Clients

Client views and filters

You may also display the client view using the drop-down menu on the right-hand side encircled below or you may display the tasks associated with a single client by using the “client” filter at the top of the scheduling window (as shown below).
Vue Client et filtres

Importing your client database

There is no import function in the PlanningPME Web Access application. But, if you combine this version of PlanningPME with the desktop version,you are able to import such client databases. 

We are also able to create specific scripts to enable automatic synchronisation of your client database using an external application. Please get in touch for more information on this option.

Auto-completion: intuitive data entry

Rather than have a long drop-down list of clients, you may also activate “intuitive entry” in order to select a client rapidly by entering the first few letters of the label. For more information on the intuitive entry function .

Access rules defined by user

See the chapter on: personalised access rules.