List of absences, leave and holidays

PlanningPME allows you to manage all types of absences and unavailability of your human and material resources. Thus, you customise the list of labels according to your professional activity and needs with your own terms and colours. In the planning, efficiently manage an employee on vacation or sick leave, a conference room being renovated or a van being serviced

Personalising your list of absences, holidays and other cases of unavailability

Unavailability arises when a resource is unable to be used, for example, for reasons of absence or breakdown/maintenance. An unavailable human resource may arise from planned holidays, sickness, maternity leave, time off in lieu, etc. For material resources, the label of the unavailability can be, for example: out of order, under repair, under revision, etc.

The task list can be personalised according to how you use the planning tool, using the menu “Data”Menu Data->"Unavailability".

Personalising your list of absences, holidays and other cases of unavailability

The menu will contain all the labels/names that you have created. To add a new label, click on “Add”. Enter the new label name and choose the colours for the text and the background and confirm by clicking on OK. To rename a task, click on the name label and give the task its new name. To delete a task, tick the label and click on “Delete”.

Viewing absences and unavailable resources

See the chapter on: « Leave and holiday management »

Breakdown of leave taken by employee

According to your company's process, easily manage the amount of time off for each of your employees.

See the section Breakdown of: leave taken by employee in the chapter on absence and leave management.