Creating personalised fields

The possibility of adding additional fields enables personalising PlanningPME Web Access with specific information concerning your particular area of activity.

You may add additional information in the following windows:
- Event
- Client (Possibility to associate a list of equipment)
- Human resources
- Material resources
- Project
- TabEquipment

Overall view of the various types of field available

Here are the various types of field that you may create.

Types of field available

And here is a snapshot of these fields in the various data windows:

Creating personalised fields

Choice: A drop-down menu will be created with the criteria that you wish.

Comments: The possibility to add free-form text.

Date: Ability to choose a date - the date of birth of your employees for example.

Document: Ability to download and/or save a document. When a file is attached to an event, an icon appears on the event.

Time: Ability to select a time of day

Decimal number/Integer: Ability to enter decimals or whole numbers

Yes/No: Box to tick

Position: This additional field is used in the mobile version of PlanningPME. It enables locating an employee when he is on an external mission. The information concerning the employee’s position will be displayed once the task involved has been completed.

Signature: This additional field is used in the mobile version of PlanningPME. Using the mobile version, this enables having the client’s signature, which will appear here as an attachment.

Separator: For a better organisation of the various fields when displayed."LINK" - "TEXT"

How to create personalised fields

From the PlanningPME Web Access home page, go to the menu "Data" -> "Additional fields".:

Data: Choose the window in which the new fields are to appear.

Tab title: If you have decided to create your personalised fields in a new tab, enter the tab’s name and save it.

Then you have the possibility of creating several additional fields in the same tab by clicking on “Add”.

Available options when creating additional fields

Various options are available, depending on the type of field selected

Creating personalised fields

Type: See the previous chapter on the various field types

Field: Field name in the database. The name is to be written in capital letters without accents and without spaces

Label: Name that will appear when planning

Width: Field width in Pixels You can start with a value of 200 which can be adjusted as needed.

Height: Field height in Pixels You can start with a value of 200 which can be adjusted as needed.

Mandatory: You may oblige users to complete certain specific data fields. Mandatory fields will appear framed in red.

Default value: The value that will be used if nothing is entered in the field.

Visible in the mobile version: This field will appear for users who possess a mobile licence or not.

Read only: A field which may only be read and not changed.

A closer look at client equipment

You may associate equipment with your clients. The term "equipment" is to be taken very widely and may include all sorts of information or objects that you wish to associate with a client: machines and equipment, but also contacts, contracts, files, projects, etc.

Snapshot of "equipment" in the client file: A new tab appears with the client’s equipment.

Snapshot of

NB: The client number is mandatory to have the new ‘Equipment” type tab to be created.

Selecting equipment when creating an event: Select the client so that the list of his equipment appears.

Snapshot of

Creation of the new supplementary field « Signature»

cf. Electronic signature

Displaying or sending personalised fields

cf. Selecting information displayed or distributed