Project planning

PlanningPME Web Access is a collaborative tool available to many users for simple project planning. It enables handling an unlimited number of projects with real-time monitoring of changes in the project schedules.

Adding, modifying and/or deleting projects

From the menu Parameters -> Options -> Tasks, activate the option: "Associate a project with a task". You are then able to add new projects.

From the menu "Data" -> "Project"

Project management

The window above enables creating, modifying and deleting projects.

From the icon "Project" to be found in the task window

When you create a new task in the on-line schedule you may associate a project with the task.
When creating a new task in the schedule, you may also create directly a new project by clicking in the pencil icon: You may create a project directly in the task. The task label will be recorded and will subsequently be available in the drop-down menu.

A scheduling event

From the "Project" view

Go to the "Project" view from the "View" filter at the top of the screen. Click on the project label to see all the information concerning the project.

A Project view of the scheduling

Searching for a project

Enter the first few letters of the project using the icon below. The scheduling software automatically filters the results according to your search criteria.

Search for a project from the filter

Managing client projects

PlanningPME Web Access helps you to improve project monitoring and managing your clients. 

Thus, when you create an event in PlanningPME Web Access, by selecting a client, only those projects associated with that client will be displayed. And conversely, by selecting a project, the associated client will automatically be displayed. For this, you need to activate an option:

Adapting the project filter according to the client
To adapt the Project filter as a function of the client, you only need to activate the option in the menu Parameters Options -> Task -> Adapt the project filter according to the client.  
How the "Client" filter works
By filtering the scheduling according to the client, only projects associated with the client are displayed.

Monitoring a project from the “event” tab

An “Event” tab appears in the Project window detailing all the tasks which have been assigned to the project since the project started.

Additional fields in the Project window

You may create several additional fields in the Project window See the chapter concerning the creation of additional fields.

Managing sub-projects

A sub-project may be created associated with a specific project. For this, go to the menu Parameters -> Options -> Task -> Associate a sub-project with a task.

Adding a sub-project

Adding a sub-project is handled directly from the project window. Enter your sub-project and click on Save.

Assigning a sub-project to a task

When creating a task in the schedule, you may associate it with a project and one or more sub-projects.

Other options concerning projects

Personalising the terms "Projects" and "Sub-projects"
So that the terms used in PlanningPME Web Access reflect perfectly your own activity, you may rename the terms "Project" and "Sub-project" from the menu Parameters and Format.

Masking a project

From the “Project” creation window, you are able to mask a project when it has been completed so as to keep track of it in the archives but so that it no longer appears in any current schedules.

Colour-coding projects
You may define a colour both for the text and the background for each project so that projects are easily distinguishable in the overall view of the event scheduling. To activate this option, go to the menu Parameters -> Options ->Task and choose "Project colours".