Context Management


A context is a new type of data which enables to add a background context to the event schedule. A context is represented by a coloured rectangle in the background of the event scheduling.

You can use the context in different situations:
- Define the place where your employees are working everyday. The title of the context appears above the events.
Context Management

- Define working hours. The title of the context appears above the events.
Context Management - time management

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Activate the contexts

To begin with, activate the option in the menu Tools -> Options -> Data and select “Activate the contexts”. Now you visualize a menu « Contexts » in « Data ».

Customize your context list

From the Menu -> Contexts, customize the context list according to your scheduling use.

Define the context label and the text and background colours.

Context Management

Create contexts on the schedule

You have different possibilities in order to create your contexts on the schedule:
- With a left click the « New context »
- With the button Add “+" then select « New context »
The window below will be displayed:

Create contexts on the schedule

- The label
- The resources involved
- If the context is periodical
- Dates and times
- Comments

Modify / Cancel / Copy a context

To modify a context, click right on the context zone, select it, then choose an action : Open, copy, cancel

Creation of events within a context

You can create your events within a context in a classic way by designing a rectangle or clicking right.
See the chapter on: Event scheduling

Select the information displayed on the schedule

You may select the fields displayed on your planning space from the menu "Data" -> "Description". 

See the chapter on Personalise your schedule.

Filter the schedule by context

Filter the schedule to easily view resources in their context (e.g. employees working remotely or on site).

See the chapter on Scheduling filters.

User access management

See the chapter on: User access management

Rename "Context" with your own words

From the menu "Tools" - "Labels and formats", you have the possibility to rename the label “Context” and “New context” with your own words.

For instance, by renaming context with « Work place » , on the schedule, you will then have the new label “New work place”.
See the chapter on: Personalising the data labels