Presentation of the interface - PlanningPME Web Access

Learn how to use the menus and features available in your planning software to effectively manage your human and material resources on a daily basis.

Schedule interface

Return to the schedule

Click here to go back to the schedule page.

  • Views by planning type: resource, client, project or list link icon
  • View adapted to smartphones and tablets: the Index view link icon
  • Changing the time-scale from the drop-down menu
  • Choosing the date from the calender
  • Changing the time-scale from the toolbar

For ease in finding information, numerous filters are available within PlanningPME Web Access: filtering staff assigned to a department, filtering resources by skill.

  • Search function link icon
  • Searching for resources, clients and projects from the systemís planning space link icon

The menus

Data Menu Data Menu : Initialising planning data

  • Departmentlink icon
  • Resourcelink icon
  • Skilllink icon
  • Clientlink icon
  • Projectlink icon
  • Tasklink icon
  • Unavailabilitylink icon
  • Categorylink icon
  • Description / Selecting information displayed or distributedlink icon
  • Additional fieldslink icon
  • Historylink icon

Menu Tools Menu Tools : Initialising planning data

  • Optionslink icon
  • Formatslink icon
  • Groupslink icon
  • Userslink icon
  • Public holidayslink icon
  • Days Off : Initialising the unavailability counterlink icon
  • Export : Creating Excel reportslink icon

schedule invitation wizard Invite link icon

You can easily invite users to the schedule.

User Profile User Profile

My profile

  • user : change user with associated rights (only in account mode)
  • Language : change the language of the application
  • Date and time formats
  • Minute step to set the minute interval when selecting the start or end times of an event
    link icon
  • Public holidayslink icon

licence : Information on licenses

My account : Accessing your PlanningPME account

Logout : Logging off from the schedule and PlanningPME account

Planning space: creating events and absences

  • Event schedulinglink icon
  • Leave and holiday managementlink icon