How to synchronize your planning with Google Calendar?

To keep your employees informed in real time about their appointments, servicing work, dates of leave or any other event, just share the schedule with Google Calendar.

When creating or updating an event in your schedule, it will automatically be shared and synchronized in Google Calendar.

Follow the steps below to enable each user with a Gmail account to automatically get data from PlanningPME Web Access in his Google Calendar.

Setup and permissions in Google Calendar

Add a new calendar

To begin with, connect to your Gmail account (in this example, add a new calendar in your Google Calendar account and name it for example "PPMEWA - Barbara".

Google Agenda

Add a new calendar

Share the calendar with specific people

To be able to import events in Google Calendar from PlanningPME Web Access, you must share your calendar following the steps below.

  • 1 - Select the new calendar "PPMEWA - Barbara"
  • 2 - Click on "Share with specific people"
  • 3 - Click on "Add people" and enter the e-mail address provided by our Target Skills Team.

Share with specific people

Setting up Google Calendar in PlanningPME Web Access

Setting up each resource

In PlanningPME Web Access, open the resource card whose schedule you want to share and open the "Google Calendar" tab.

Setting up Google Calendar in PlanningPME Web Access

"CalendarID" field

The CalendarID information is to be found in Google Calendar. In the "PPMEWA - Barbara" calendar of your Google account, click on the "integrate calendar" item.
Copy the CalendarID and paste it in the "CalendarID" field of PlanningPME Web Access.

Integrating the Google Calendar

"Update from… to…" field

To activate the synchronization, select the period you want to synchronize by entering a start date and an end date and click on "Synchronize now". Events in this time frame in PlanningPME Web Access are sent to Google Calendar.

google calendar synchronization

Synchronizing appointment scheduling, employee's events and leaves

Which appointments and events are synchronized?

Once set up carried out as described above, whenever an event is added, updated, or deleted in PlanningPME Web Access, it is automatically exported to the person's Google Calendar. The synchronization of the data is in real time, whatever the period initially chosen.

One-way synchronization

This is a one way only synchronization: from PlanningPME Web Access to Google Calendar. If you change an event in your Google Calendar, it will not be updated in PlanningPME Web Access.

Selecting fields to be synchronized

You can chose the fields you want to send in the event from the Data -> Description -> Google Calendar menu.

Selecting fields to be synchronized